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Vitix Gel 50 ml - Vitiligo repigmentation


Vitix Gel is intended to promote epidermal repigmentation, and its activity has been confirmed by numerous clinical studies.

vitix-gel-vitiligo-50mlVITIX® gel has a totally innovative mode of action through its ability to re-establish the physiological balance of free radicals in epidermal cells (melanocytes and keratinocytes) thanks to a patented plant-derived active ingredient, (EXTRAMEL®), rich in antioxidants. VITIX® gel is an opaque, non-greasy gel, with a slightly granular appearance. The microspheres in its formula contain and protect the plant-derived active ingredient which is particularly sensitive.

Directions for use

VITIX® gel should be applied once or twice a day to the affected areas as well as on the contour of the lesions. After penetration, you may apply a regular skin care cream or makeup. VITIX® gel may be used in combination with phototherapy. ViTiX® is a product manufactured by the Laboratoire Dermatologique ACM.

ViTiX® will encourage repigmentation of the epidermis. It comes in the form of a topical gel containing microspheres of a plant extract which has many anti-oxidising properties.

ViTiX® acts locally on the epidermis by creating anv environment ideal for the cells responsible for producing the pigments responsible for skin colour (melanocytes).

Repigmentation of white marks may be seen in the form of small round marks or uniformly when the melanocytes have not completely disappeared from the area which has lost its pigment.

When combined with phototherapy or heliotherapy the results start to show between the 2nd and 4th month of using ViTiX®.